Our Services


Throughout the year we may run unadvertised specials. This is the place to find them. You can always call our office as well to find the latest information on any specials we may have.

Extended Life Fertilizer

We strive to stay current with technology and Eco friendly products for your lawn. We offer "Extended Life Fertilizer" which is a new hi-tech lawn treatment product for your lawn. Ask us for details.

We Sell Landscape Products

We sell a variety of products to both the landscape contractors and the DIY person. Visit our on-line retail store at Green Control Supply

Holiday Lights

Yes, we offer holiday lighting for your home or business. Call for details. 330-784-9655

Flower Bed Maintenance

Flower bed weed prevention while not harming your plants and flowers.

Aeration - Over Seeding

Aeration is an important part of a good lawn maintenance program. Depending on soil conditions, some lawns will need aeration more often than others. Your lawn technician will inspect your lawn and help you decide when to aerate.

Winter Ice Melt

We deliver salt for both residential and commercial needs. Helps clear ice and snow from driveways, porches, steps and other walkways without clearing out your wallet. It melts effectively at low temperatures. Currently we have one size bag of 50lbs. It's a Premium mix of Calcium Chloride, rock salt, Magnesium Chloride, and Potassium Chloride. We also carry 100% Calcium Chloride.

Trees & Shrubs

Certified Arborists on staff ensure that your trees and shrubs get professional treatment any season of the year. We can help prevent many unnecessary problems with your trees and shrubs. Contact us today to see how we can help.

No Need For Weeds!